Blackash Welcomes Dan Pedersen to the Team

Blackash is thrilled to welcome Dan Pedersen to the team.

Dan started with Blackash as Principal Bushfire Ecologist in September 2019 and brings a wealth of experience to the role.

By his strength of relationships, deep industry knowledge and expertise in both ecology and bushfire, Dan personifies Blackash’s vision of building bushfire resilient communities.

Our purpose is to minimise risk to life and property  through deep collaboration with communities to codesign, plan and implement bushfire risk and resilience solutions.

Dan has helped clients to navigate the challenging bushfire space with open communication and a thorough knowledge of fire in the Australian environment. Dan is able to balance project outcomes with the bushfire legislative requirements to keep our bushfire prone communities safe.

Dan has significant experience in project management, business development, client care and service delivery. Though his technical experiences, he has attained a unique understanding of ecological systems and functions, bushfire behaviour, bushfire risk assessment and mitigation management, and land management potentials.

It is challenging to integrate the often competing requirements for ecological and bushfire solutions. Dan has a proven track record that he brings to the table to provide a holistic, realistic and feasible approach to natural resource management outcomes.

Welcome to the Blackash team to a “deadset good bloke.”

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Lew Short is a recognised expert in bushfire and emergency management, land-use planning, risk mitigation, consequence management, environment and the working of government.

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