Bushfire Planning & Design Services

Blackash works with clients to design and develop solutions based on risk, regulatory requirements, site constraints and safety. We use cutting edge practice to assist our clients to understand bushfire constraints and opportunities to design innovative and sustainable outcomes.

Our highly trained and experienced bushfire planners provide advice and solutions for a wide variety of bushfire services. These services range from policy and strategic advice; design, building and planning; risk management, consequence management and hazard reduction advice. Our staff and partners have significant scientific experience in ecology and bushfire management and we combine to provide an integrated approach to managing bushfire risk on projects. Blackash™ has a large client base throughout NSW and has undertaken complex projects in ACT, Queensland, NSW, Western Australia and Victoria.

We are leading bushfire experts in:

  • Land and Environment Court representation and expert evidence
  • Bushfire Hazard Assessment Reports for infill and integrated developments
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates (Exempt & Complying Development)
  • Bushfire Emergency Management and Evacuation Plans
  • Constraints and Opportunities Reports
  • Understanding legislation and working with government agencies
  • Complex bushfire prone sites for, design, land-use planning and building
  • Risk mitigation and consequence management

We unlock opportunities, reduce consequences and ensure sustainable outcomes.

Blackash provide the following services:

  • Strategic advice and program development / Design, master planning, land-use planning, subdivision, building and planning / Bushfire planning, design & construction requirements in accordance with Planning for Bushfire Protection & AS3959 / Bushfire protection assessments for subdivision / Vulnerable development (such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, tourist parks etc) / Infill development and alterations and additions to existing development, commercial, industrial / Bushfire Attack Level Assessments / Constraint mapping and due diligence advice / Performance and alternative solutions / Site assessment and hazard mapping / Bush Fire Prone Land Mapping / Private bushfire shelter requirements (bunkers) / Bushfire Management Overlay assessment

  • Bushfire evacuation and survival plans / Bushfire and eco-sensitive fuel management & vegetation clearing / Bushfire Management Plans / Fire trail, asset protection zone and fire break establishment and maintenance / Hazard reduction (fuel management) burning program design

  • Critical infrastructure vulnerability and consequence assessments / Independent audit of programs and risk treatment effectiveness

  • Expert witness / Joint reports and provision of evidence

  • Risk Management Training and Exercises