I am excited to share with you a workshop I presented at the Blue Mountains Bushfire Conference BPAD Forum Work the Problem BPAD Forum Work the Problem designed to elevate the problem-solving skills and strategies of bushfire planning and design specialists and practitioners. The primary goal of this workshop is to empower participants with the tools and mindset needed to tackle challenges effectively.

🔍 Workshop Objective: The objective of this workshop is clear—to cultivate problem-solving proficiency among BPAD practitioners. In an ever-evolving professional landscape, the ability to navigate and conquer challenges is paramount. This workshop aims to equip participants with the skills and strategies essential for overcoming obstacles in the field.

🛠 What to Expect: Participants will delve into the world of problem-solving through a design thinking approach. This innovative methodology encourages a holistic and creative mindset, providing a structured framework for addressing complex issues. The workshop will guide attendees in systematically breaking down problems into manageable components, facilitating the development of robust and efficient solutions.