RFS concerned about ‘what the risk could be’ for next fire season, says incoming commissioner

Blackash continues to work with our community of clients to reduce the impact of bushfire through sound Bushfire Management Planning, landuse planning and mitigation/ risk management. While the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, we will be faced with a range of natural disasters that will affect communities, including bushfire.

The incoming RFS Commissioner, Rob Rogers has given insight into the potential commenting that

‘the next fire season could entail an increase in grass fires, particularly in the western parts of the ranges, while areas such as the Great Diving Range and the Hunter region remain relatively unburnt.’

Take the time over winter to prepare for the coming fire season.

Indeed, many of the companies that we are working with have indicated that they are busy getting development applications completed to be able to hit the ground running when the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.


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About the Author
Lew Short is a recognised expert in bushfire and emergency management, land-use planning, risk mitigation, consequence management, environment and the working of government.