Bushfires & living in the bush

Bushfire has been part of the natural environment of the Australian continent for thousands of years. The forest and grassland environments have adapted to accommodate this as have the original inhabitants. The frequency and intensity of bushfires varies throughout the landscape...
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Bushfire persistence

Bushfire persistence and why resilience matters

As a nation who celebrates “droughts and flooding rains” it is odd that we are so resistant to accepting the persistence of bushfires at the urban interface. Bushfires are a part of Australian environment. Not all bushfires are controllable and for fires that burn on blow up...
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Australian Bushfire Seasons

Bushfire management and the size of the problem

Bushfire has been a natural part of our landscape for thousands of years and remains an ever-present threat for our community. With increasing urban development and a climate that is getting drier and warmer, bushfires are an increasing risk for people in bushfire prone areas....
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So why are there houses in the Bushfire Flame Zone?

The simple answer is planning decisions of the past often did not take into consideration a range of natural hazards (ie flood, slip, acid sulphate soils etc), standards were not in place (AS3959 was first published in 1991) and development often occurred in a ad-hoc way. Many...
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