Wayfinding – Learning from the Past

We are surrounded by clues to our past. As we design communities, planners give a nod to people, places or significant events that shape or give rise to that form. Examples might be “The Broadway” for a wide boulevard, “Scribbly Gum Crescent” for an area...
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Living in the Bushfire Flame Zone

I heard an interesting comment recently, that it is “Not a good idea to live in the flame zone.” For many people living on the bush interface, this is not an option. The highest level of bushfire attack level (BAL) is known as BAL Flame Zone. Australian Standard (AS 395...
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So why are there houses in the Bushfire Flame Zone?

The simple answer is planning decisions of the past often did not take into consideration a range of natural hazards (ie flood, slip, acid sulphate soils etc), standards were not in place (AS3959 was first published in 1991) and development often occurred in a ad-hoc way. Many...
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