Blackash response to COVID-19

The Coronavirus known as COVID-19 is fundamentally changing the way we all work, collaborate and participate with our community.

The evidence strongly suggests that in Australia, our response is at a watershed moment. While the growth of cases is starting to be exponential, it is clear that actions we take now can directly reduce the rate of infection, and in doing so, deliver a number of positive outcomes for our society.

Blackash are conscious that COVID-19 presents a dynamic and unprecedented scenario for our business, our clients and the community.

Rest assured that Blackash is able to provide full online interoperability that will minimise disruption and allow us to continue providing the essential fire management advice that we are relied upon.

The Blackash Team all work remotely, our systems are all online and we will be acting in a socially responsible manner, in accordance with government advice. Due to our online operation, we do not anticipate that our business will be disrupted during the COVID-19 management phase.

Blackash are in a strong position to continue to provide the high level of service and outcomes that our clients have come to expect from Blackash.

Our staff have deep knowledge of bushfire and the planning frameworks that our clients operate within. Our staff are acutely familiar with the planning and risk environment. Two of our staff (Lew and Corey) have state level emergency management and incident management experience that we will draw on to continue to monitor the COVID-19 space and our actions within our community.

Our approach to business is based on providing the highest level of service to our clients that utilises our deep experience with risk management.

We understand that despite the COVID-19 disruptions, our clients still have work to deliver and many have legislative responsibilities to manage and mitigate bushfire risk.

Blackash will remain absolutely focussed on delivering for our clients that will provide certainty leading into the 2020 bushfire season in October 2020.

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About the Author
Lew Short is a recognised expert in bushfire and emergency management, land-use planning, risk mitigation, consequence management, environment and the working of government.