Our Approach…

The intent and vision of Blackash is simple – that we work in a niche, collaborating with clients to design, develop and implement innovative solutions in the bushfire, landuse, resilience, consequence management and emergency management space.

We seek out complex emergency management problems focusing on resilience and consequence management.

We excel at bushfire prone sites for design, land-use management, planning, policy development, risk mitigation and consequence management to unlock opportunities, improve people’s lives and ensure sustainable outcomes.

Our approach is based on accepting that fire is a natural part of the Australian environment and no matter how much we plan and mitigate, sometimes bad things happen.

Collaboration and co-design are a central pillar of our approach with clients and partners who we engage with openly and deeply to form tight and lasting relationships.

Our client relationships are personalised to instil the confidence and trust required to understand the problem and to deliver a successful brief.

Our culture is open, authentic and based on collaboration.

We will always challenge the status quo.

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About the Author
Lew Short is a recognised expert in bushfire and emergency management, land-use planning, risk mitigation, consequence management, environment and the working of government.